We provide ShapeShifter, a graphing software with the ability to draw dynamic graphs algebraically. It is open source and free.


Posted at 12:17:32 on 22/6/2002 GMT

Subject: Harlow!

Finally, the Softwater Works website is up and mostly functional. Feel free to browse the site and download ShapeShifter. Please feedback any website glitches to the webmaster.Enjoy!!

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Posted at 16:42:32 on 31/6/2002 GMT

Subject: Website Maintenance

I'm currently working to enable database access for the login. Please do not visit the registration page for it is being debugged. Anyway, there is nothing useful to you there.

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Posted at 23:59:16 on 4/7/2002 GMT

Subject: Site Login Up

The login capabilities for the site has been established. Users can now register, login and access the bug report form. The wish list form and logging out function will be set up soon. Currently, you can log out by logging in with no login and password entered at the login page.

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Posted at 00:33:44 on 7/7/2002 GMT

Subject: Work on Message Board

I'm presently in the process of enabling database usage for the message board, so it will be down for a while. Inconveniences regretted.

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